General Support Information

TheKompany has consistently helped its clients extend the life of existing hardware while facilitating smooth transitions to new systems when necessary. TheKompany is dedicated to ensuring your systems are at their peak with monthly visitssystem health monitoring, and regular backups.

Web Site Development and Custom Programming

Are you currently promoting your firm online? Is your current site effective? TheKompany has decades of experience with web sites, including designhostingtraffic analysissearch engine optimization, and promotion. Let us increase your business by optimizing your online presence.

Pricing without Surprises

Technical Support
$400 per month or $1000 per quarter retainer includes the following:

  • An office-wide system clean-up and optimization
  • Setup of office backups
  • Monthly on-site visit for technical problems, computer questions, and consultation.
  • Remote technical assistance available from 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

Additional services are rated hourly at $75/hr.

Web Site Development
$2000 for the design, implementation, and the first year of hosting for an informational site.

On Demand Support

Oftentimes your computer will become slow due to viruses, malware, bloatware, spyware and every other kind of ware. Many applications will install other “helpful” tools without your knowledge, they do this because they make money doing it and their application is free, so this is how they support themselves. We can have your computer running like new again with our customized tune-up. For just $97, we can remote login to your computer (no need for us to be onsite), inventory your software, remove what isn’t needed, optimize your hard drive and system registry and anything else required. Contact us for a free consult.

Bug reports

To send us a bug report for any software or to get further details or information, please use the Contact Form.