Starting in the late 80’s and continuing till today, the founder of The Kompany, Shawn Gordon, began writing and editing for various print and online publications such as Interact, InterXpress, HP Chronicle, 3000 News Wire, SCRUG Newsletter, Keyboard Magazine, Progression, and others. Topics cover everything from language programming tips to products reviews, music piracy to the latest in technology. Today Shawn is writing primarily for iCrunchData, HackerNoon, Medium, SteemIt, Tokenmap News, Smart Data Collective and previously for Bitcoin Magazine, Technorati, and SalaryShark.

HP 3000 Articles (1989-2001)

A collection of technical articles on a wide array of topics for the HP3000 computing platform

3rd Party Watch (1992-1994)

Monthly column covering the latest news from HP3000 vendors

Product Reviews (1992-2001)

Monthly series of software/hardware product reviews

Inside COBOL (1994-2001)

Monthly column on COBOL programming tips and techniques

Inside VESOFT (1997-2001)

Monthly column on tips for the VESOFT family of software products

General Articles (2008-Present)

Everything from music, to data, to software to trends