is a group of advanced developers from around the world. Our goal is to provide users of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X with powerful, easy-to-use tools for use in development environments, home offices and more.

What we do

We assemble developers and development tools from all over the Internet and open source community, then make a uniform, easy-to-use system out of those resources.

Our efforts are concentrated in three areas: enterprise and end-user software for desktops (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows); developer software (primarily for Linux, but also for Mac OS X and Windows); and embedded software for devices based on Trolltech’s Qtopia platform, in particular the Sharp Zaurus series.

We also actively and enthusiastically support other open source development projects like KDE Studio.

Why are we doing this?

Because of our background in development software, we are acutely aware of gaps and weaknesses in existing developer software. We also are well aware of the need for programs that work across multiple platforms, to allow users to freely choose what operating system they wish to use.

We’re developers ourselves, and we began making these tools to make our work easier. We want to share the fruits of our work with other developers and users.

We want to fulfill the promise of mutiple platforms by building and providing those tools on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, so that any user or developer can realize their potential regardless of what computer or system he or she chooses to use.

Want to help out? Then head on over to the Jobs section to find out how we can work together.