The has been in business since 1999 in various forms. It is currently a sole proprietorship owned by Shawn Gordon. During the past 15 years The Kompany been providing IT support services, strategic technology planning, project management for major transitions (such as “Y2K”) and for minor projects (such as selecting a Help Desk system), problem solving and cost cutting, custom software development, and system design. Platform experience includes:

  • Windows XP thru 8
  • Windows Server 2003 thru 2012
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Virtual machine technologies such as VMWare and Xen
  • Crazy stuff that no one else can do

The Kompany also provides website design and development services, and has established relationships with various commercial vendors of a non-competitive nature, should such services be required. Our custom software applications have been sold to consumers, businesses, school districts and government agencies. Past commercial partners include Sharp, Intel, IBM, Motorola and Nokia.